Lower Dosages

The dosages bodybuilders would take back then were also thought to be much less, with Arnold saying that some bodybuilders “may take 3 x Dianabol (tablets) per day” (1).

With dbol tablets originally being in 5mg doses, this translates as 15mg per day. This is also the maximum dose recommended by doctors at the time, who would prescribe Dianabol to bodybuilders.

However, bodybuilders today often take doses as high as 50-100mg a day. Thus they are thought to be taking up to 7x the dose as classic bodybuilders.

Inevitably taking more of any steroid will lead to more health complications, hence how bodybuilders such as Arnold are still alive now at 72 years of age and in relatively good health. In contrast, it’s common for modern IFBB bodybuilders to die more prematurely (2).

Studies have also shown that when mice were exposed to steroids, their lifespan decreased (3). They also found that higher doses resulted in a lower life expectancy.